Accountant [uh-koun-tnt]

noun. Someone who solves a problem you didn't know you had in a way you don't understand.

Let's be honest...

You did not quit your cushy job to record transactions in books or prepare board reports.

We know you are smart enough to do this on your own, but you already know that the garbage you put into the accounting books on the last Friday of the quarter, is the garbage that comes back in your board reports.

Accounting needs to be someone's #1 priority, but should that someone really be you?

Your wish for the boring-but-reliable accountant has been granted. This is all we do, and we are good at it. But don't call us to your office parties, we are not exactly party animals. You focus on growing your company, adding users, building the right team, and fall in love again with what you do.

Please give me the freedom!

Nine out of every ten startups fail.

Let us help you beat the odds.

Think of us when you need

and Accounting

No garbage in, hence no garbage out

Recording and classifying daily transactions, reconciling bank accounts, managing account receivables and payables, cash application against invoices, payroll, and maintaining GAAP-compliant books. We test your transaction classification against thousands of similar transactions to get the classification correct. No garbage in!

Financial Modeling
and Budgeting

When does my cash run out?

Financial models that even engineers can use! Custom inputs that force you to think through your company construction over the next couple years. Forecast and budget vs. actual charts that you can plop straight into your Board presentation. Want to track your fancy SaaS metrics? We got your covered!


Who is explaining your financials to your Board?

Executive-level financial leadership, including preparing for and attending Board meetings, creating financial forecasts, tracking Key Performance Indicators, providing a eagle eye view to the senior management of what is important to focus on.


Ever get true feedback on your pitch?

When was the last time someone gave you actionable feedback on your pitch? Did someone translate VC English into normal English that you could understand? How much money to raise? At what valuation? How to get that valuation? Which VC to talk to? How to get to them?

We've got your back!

Not every start-up can afford a CFO, but the investment structuring, equity / option allocation, spending, and human resource decisions you make in the early stages of your business can make or break you.

If that last sentence made you yawn, you need us more than you thought.

Will you be my CFO?*

*It is a serious commitment

Our team

From bean-counting to cap tables and more...we're pretty good with numbers. We're even better with startups.

Sandeep Shroff

Co-Founder & CEO

Sandeep brings ~30 years of experience spanning finance, investment analysis, strategic planning, and technology, including the last decade and a half of leadership experience (as CFO) in fundraising (~$2B aggregate raised) and strategic and tactical financial management. He has worked with hundreds of start ups from pre-revenue to multi-million dollar revenue. Sandeep has a Master's in Computer Science from Syracuse University and an MBA in Finance from the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley.

Sudhir Pai

Co-Founder & Partner - Tax

Sudhir has nearly 20 years of experience in the Finance, Tax and Accounting fields. Sudhir brings particular strengths to the area of informal business consulting, working closely with business owners and managers to analyze their operations and devising practical solutions for their needs. At Infosys Technologies, he was responsible for Finance & Accounts related activities (including Capital Budgeting, Treasury, & Procurement), policy making, infrastructure, facilities, and country penetration.

Raghav Pai

Head, India Operations

Raghav has nearly 15 years of experience in the Finance, Tax and Accounting fields. He is a Associate Chartered Accountant (ACA) from Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) and Diploma in International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) from A.C.C.A, UK. He has expertise in handling complex areas of USGAAP & IFRS including first-time adoption, new revenue recognition model, leases, mergers and acquisitions accounting, complex consolidations and Purchase Price Allocations.

Carlos Gonzalez


With a proven track record as the CFO of a $2.0 billion investment fund and extensive expertise in audit, M&A, and international finance, Carlos provides strategic financial guidance to startups at various stages, helping them establish solid financial foundations, enhance financial governance, secure funding, and expand globally. He holds an MBA from IESE Business School.

Charles Stewart


Chuck is an experienced business leader with over 20 years of experience in establishing firm foundations for success through scalable business processes, budget controls and monitoring, cash flow management and the promotion of sales growth. Chuck has been a CEO, CFO, Finance and Operations Manager and played General Management Roles in the Telecommunications and Technology markets. Chuck is a CPA and has an MBA from Tulane University.

Lucy Dathan


Lucy brings on board more than 17 years of finance and management experience from tenures at world-renowned organizations such as the London Stock Exchange. Lucy was CFO at Trovix (sold to Monster Worldwide), Piczo (sold to Stardoll), Lexit Financial Group and First Tuesday. Lucy spent eight years at PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP and holds a B.S. in Commerce from Santa Clara University and is a CPA.

With you, when it matters most!

Eureka! The billion dollar idea

Patent, IPR, Feasibility, Business Plan

Setting up a company

LLC / S Corp / C Corp / Virtual Office

Finding a co-founder / early team

Compensation set-up / Founders' Agreement / ESOPs / Equity Distribution

Raising Angel / Seed Money

Setting up financial books / Equity budgeting/cap table projections and management / Valuation / Make your pitch deck and take you through mock pitches

Building MVP / Go-To-Market

Cloud hosting of accounting system and processes / Managing your extra-precious equity

Product Market Fit

Tracking KPIs / Managing burn-rate

Raising Series A

Pitch Deck, KPIs, Introduction to VCs, Audit & Valuation


Keeping management, board, and investors informed: giving a true sense of the business to C-level executives / Manage payroll, tax reporting; Negotiate/manage insurance, lease, vendor contracts; Year-end tax compliance at federal, state, municipal levels

Exit / Buyout

Due diligence, book updation, exit contract, earnouts

At what step of the journey are you?

  • I just finished scrawling my idea at the back of a napkin (Pre-Seed)

      We can help you with:

      • Choosing entity type (LLC / S Corp / C Corp) and setting it up
      • Filing Patents
      • Protecting intellectual property rights
      • Drafting Founders' Agreement
      • Figuring out the investor pitch

      Interested in knowing more?

      Reach out to us!
  • My family just gave me $20,000 (Angel)

      Once the essentials have been set up, we need to:

      • Creating basic books
      • Set up cloud hosting of accounting system
      • Set up a virtual office to handle all incoming paperwork while you're away (Should not be that many as we make your F&A department near 100% paperless.)
      • Record day-to-day transactions, reconcile bank and credit card accounts, maintain financial books
      • Comply with year-end tax and regulatory requirements at federal, state, city levels

      Interested in knowing more?

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  • VCs are calling me asking to invest, but erm, what is a pitch deck? (Seed)

      If you've got the basics figured out, we can help you:

      • Make your pitch deck and take you through mock pitches (Has anybody ever given you brutally honest feedback?)
      • Create a budget that shows the investors what you will use their money for and over what period of time
      • Maintain your books such that they are due diligence ready and the financials can be presented to investors / Board of Directors
      • Do the year end fun stuff -- files taxes, send 1099s -- oh what joy!
      • If you come to us with oh-not-exactly-clean books, we fix history for you too!
      • Set up payroll
      • Coordinate audit and valuation work as required
      • Allocate stock options, project and manage cap table

      Interested in knowing more?

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  • I just burned through all the seed money. What's next?! (Series A)

      After taking care of the activities at the Seed Stage, we help you:

      • Record ongoing day-to-day transactions, reconciling bank and credit card accounts…the boring stuff that someone has to do!
      • Maintain accrual-based US GAAP compliant financial books
      • Do the year end fun stuff -- files taxes, send 1099s -- oh what joy!
      • Manage your myriad vendors and accounts payable
      • Send invoice to customers. Make sure you get paid
      • And, of course, prepare your financial and KPI data for Board reports, while keeping cash burn in check

      Interested in knowing more?

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  • I have millions in the bank. Let's move to a bigger office! (Post-Series A, Scale, Series B...)

      Now that the company is humming along, and you're ready to scale, we can help you:

      • Set up processes to track and improve your KPIs, to keep you an investable company for new investors
      • Keep management, board, and investors up-to-date
      • Give a true sense of the business to C-level executives / manage payroll, tax reporting. (As much as we love numbers, there is more to knowing the true health of your company than just a bunch of numbers.)
      • Negotiate / manage insurance policies, leases, vendor contracts

      Interested in knowing more?

      Reach out to us!
  • I think I'd like some peace and quiet now (Exit / Acquisition)

      Whether you exiting because you are tired or on cloud nine of growth, we...

      • Make sure you are due-diligence ready
      • Manage negotiations with the other party
      • Guide you on founder earnouts / continued employment contracts

      Interested in knowing more?

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  • Erm... I'm not really sure. Tell me all that you can do for me!

Startup Founder Burnout – How to Persist and Win

Watch Sandeep Shroff of myStartUpCFO, Ken Kruszka of SnapCheck and Gaurav Rastogi of Doloop Digital in a candid conversation on the topic of Startup Founder Burnout – How to Persist and Win. Key takeaways from this discussion include:

  • Your burnout = Your startup's burnout
  • Why is everyone silent about founder burnout
  • 5 symptoms of a burnout
  • Should you talk to your VC about your burnout?
  • 5 ways in which you can persist and win against a burnout
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Everything you needed to know about fundraising...
but didn't know whom to ask.

Watch Sandeep Shroff of myStartUpCFO and Michael Berolzheimer of Bee Capital tackle some very important questions in this webinar. Questions like:

  • How to answer the million dollar question, To Fundraise or Not to Fundraise?
  • How much money is too much money?
  • How to NOT be a #BurnRateZombie.
  • If the funding downturn is real - and how to survive it.
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Finding your Product-Market fit
and holding on to it as you scale!

As a startup founder, your challenge is creating a product that customers love. Sandeep and Gaurav are here to tell you what works and what doesn't. They will talk about:

  • What is Product-Market Fit and what is not?
  • How do you find Product-Market Fit?
  • When do you know you've found fit?
  • How to hold on to the Product-Market fit while you scale?
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Pivot and Posture:
A founder-VC-founder tells all!

Watch Sandeep Shroff of myStartUpCFO and Ashish Gupta of Helion Ventures talk about their Startup Journeys and more, answering some interesting questions like:

  • What sets apart successful and unsuccessful startup journeys?
  • When is a good time to pivot?
  • How much perseverance is good perseverance?
  • Pivot or Quit?
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